Add your items, print the tags, get your stuff back…

…adding a LocatorLab tag to your wallet, keys, handbag, luggage or cat will help them get back to you if lost or misplaced. When your item is found by some awesome person they can quickly view the item’s profile, read your item note, and then send you a private message.

  • LocatorLab - Found an Item

    1. Your Item is Found

    Some awesome person finds your item wherever you left/dropped it.

  • LocatorLab - Scan the item's tag

    2. Finder Views Profile

    Finder scans the unique item code and reads your message on the item profile page.

  • LocatorLab - Contact the item owner anonymously. No need for an account

    3. Communicate

    Finder then sends you a private message from the item profile page.

  • LocatorLab - Arrange a public place to meet and get your item back

    4. Get Your Item Back

    Reply to the finder’s message in LocatorLab and arrange a public place to meet and get it back.

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